Day 26: If you had £1M how would you spend it?

Digital Imaging SpecialistThe first thing I would do is buy 3 houses.

1 for my parents, 1 for myself and the last for a little project I’ve always wanted to work on.

For the longest time I have always had a desire to help the homeless. After watching a documentary (can’t remember what it’s called), I realised just how hard it is for the homeless to get back on their feet. Even a little thing like having an address would help out a lot.

So with the third house, the perfect scenario would be to have a place where the homeless  (4 at any one time during the year), would be able to have a place to call their own. This will in turn provide an actual address, enabling the residents to apply for jobs further gaining some independence.

I doubt I would have any money left after that!

If I do however, I would split the rest between investing into my own business and travelling to all the countries I have yet to discover.


Day 18: My BIGGEST regret

GraphicDesignIn my 22 years on this planet, I seem to have many more regrets than years lived.

However my biggest regret has to be me not believing in myself & following my dreams.

From a young age I always wanted to act and that dream has never stopped following me up until this day. For me acting was somewhat of a therapy session. I was able to convey my other-wised bottled up emotions through another character, which helped me to channel my feelings into what could be regarded as a positive space.

I was so set on continuing my love for acting that I planned to study it at degree level. Unfortunately this plan was cut short. My parents never had the opportunity to go to university, so I was pretty much clueless on the whole process & had to figure out a lot of things by myself. This is where everything went down hill.

I started to seek out advice and opinions from others who had gone to University. All of whom told me the same thing; “Don’t study drama, you cant do anything aside from being a drama teacher… it limits your options”. I was told to do something of more “substance”. So my indecisiveness kicked in & I jumped from Fashion buying and merchandising to International relations and business studies. It was literally a couple of days before my application was due that I settled on Business management and Media, Communications & Culture at Keele University. The grades to get into Keele were BBC, so I applied for a couple of foundation courses at the University of East Anglia and Oxford Brookes.

Somehow I managed to get ACC in my ALevels & was accepted into Keele. Clearly this wasn’t a well thought out plan, as I soon discovered that Keele was in the middle of nowhere, which meant that I couldn’t travel home regularly, yet alone travel to London each week for acting classes which I had hoped to sign up for 😦

My time at uni wasn’t the best, being an introvert didn’t really help much either but I felt as though I needed to stick it out. So I did and here I am just reflecting on the dream that I once had.

No matter how proud I seem to make everyone I’ll always be a failure to myself.




Day 13: where would you like to visit/live one day?

If you know me then you know I love to travel.

There’s just something so satisfying about exploring the different corners of the world & interacting with those belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. The only this is I don’t do enough of it…

If it was up to me (and my bank account of course) I’d be on a plane every 2 weeks, gong on new adventures & meeting new people. Unfortunately for me it doesn’t work like that but hopefully one day it will be my reality 🙏🏾

Where would you like to visit?

Honestly, Everywhere

But if I had to chose one place in this current moment it would be Bali! From what I’ve seen, Bali is my dream destination. It just looks like a place where you’d go to escape from the hardships of everyday life. So peaceful. So calm.

Where would you like to live?

For the longest time I’ve this obsession of living in Canada. I’ve never been but I would definitely move there in a heartbeat. My earliest memory of this obsession started back when the first Twilight movie came out. I remember swearing that one day I would go to Canada to go on a “twilight tour” (yes they actually exist) to pretend as though I was in the movie 😂.

I would also love to live in Italy on more of a short term basis, mainly to familiarise myself with the language.

Where would you like to visit or potentially live one day? Comment & let me know ☺️