Day 8: Discuss a moment when you felt the most satisfied with your life

Satisfaction is a very subjective term. What is seen as satisfying to one person may not be satisfying to the other, which in turn leads to misinterpretations of what it is to actually feel satisfied.

In my opinion no one can honestly be satisfied with their life. We live in a society built upon comparisons & fast paced progression. Surely if we felt some sense of satisfaction, we wouldn’t aim to better ourselves or make any improvements whatsoever to our lives.

So in response to today’s question; I can’t recall a time where I’ve ever felt satisfied.

I have, however felt content. It was September 2017, I was in Milan with 2 of my best friends & honestly I wish those 4 days lasted for the remainder of my life. I can’t put into words the exact feeling, but it was just nice to be surrounded by pure love, great company & beautiful weather.


WooHah 2017 

One thing to note about me is that I love to experience live music.

There is just something about seeing your favourite artist/s that you listened to in the small confined space of your room, on a huge stage not only performing to you but to the thousands of fans in the audience.

My first ever concert I attended was Avril Lavigne, when I was just 8 years of age. I’m not really sure how I stumbled across her music but thank God I did! As I’ve grown over the years, my appreciation for a variation of Genres have grown also. I have been to over 10 concerts within the last few years, from Drake to Justin Bieber to Paramore (January 2018!! I can’t wait).

With that being said, it comes as a shock that I haven’t been to much festivals in my life time.

After missing out on WooHah in 2016 due to being a broke student (lol) I made a promise to myself that I would most definitely attend the year after. I am pleased to say I did just that. WooHah was most definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The atmosphere was just so relaxed and chilled, much different to the Wirless festival in London.

My main highlights of the 2 day festival was seeing Princess Nokia and Travis Scott perform live. Both sets were equally mind blowing, with the artists diving into the crowd and giving the best performance they could ever give. It was truly a delight to see Travis re enact his lyrics & kick the camera man of his stage!!

I have posted a vlog on my YouTube channel documenting my WooHah experience which I will link below:

WooHah Festival 2017
Adina Ribena