Day 19: is education important?

The importance of education depends on what type of educational bracket we are talking about.

We can be educated in many different forms such as spiritually, mentally, etc… However in the society we live in today, we determine education to be a process of learning that takes place within a structured institution. We are taught to pass exams in subjects that we may never use within our adult lives, whereas the areas we actually need to be educated in such as buying a house and having financial stability remain untouched.

Even after all this, I will still argue the fact that education in all its forms remains important. Without formal education we are deemed to be ‘failures’ within society as the system is set up to make it increasingly difficult to progress without it.


Day 18: My BIGGEST regret

GraphicDesignIn my 22 years on this planet, I seem to have many more regrets than years lived.

However my biggest regret has to be me not believing in myself & following my dreams.

From a young age I always wanted to act and that dream has never stopped following me up until this day. For me acting was somewhat of a therapy session. I was able to convey my other-wised bottled up emotions through another character, which helped me to channel my feelings into what could be regarded as a positive space.

I was so set on continuing my love for acting that I planned to study it at degree level. Unfortunately this plan was cut short. My parents never had the opportunity to go to university, so I was pretty much clueless on the whole process & had to figure out a lot of things by myself. This is where everything went down hill.

I started to seek out advice and opinions from others who had gone to University. All of whom told me the same thing; “Don’t study drama, you cant do anything aside from being a drama teacher… it limits your options”. I was told to do something of more “substance”. So my indecisiveness kicked in & I jumped from Fashion buying and merchandising to International relations and business studies. It was literally a couple of days before my application was due that I settled on Business management and Media, Communications & Culture at Keele University. The grades to get into Keele were BBC, so I applied for a couple of foundation courses at the University of East Anglia and Oxford Brookes.

Somehow I managed to get ACC in my ALevels & was accepted into Keele. Clearly this wasn’t a well thought out plan, as I soon discovered that Keele was in the middle of nowhere, which meant that I couldn’t travel home regularly, yet alone travel to London each week for acting classes which I had hoped to sign up for 😦

My time at uni wasn’t the best, being an introvert didn’t really help much either but I felt as though I needed to stick it out. So I did and here I am just reflecting on the dream that I once had.

No matter how proud I seem to make everyone I’ll always be a failure to myself.




Day 17: What book can you read over again?

If you know me you know that I love reading, so much so that I plan on building a library in my future house.

The thing I love about books is that they have the ability to transport you to another dimension. You get the chance to escape your own world for a while & live vicariously through someone else, which in some circumstances (if not all) is a welcoming idea.

Ways to live forever by Sally Nicholls is one of many books that I could read over & over again. It is based on a cancer battling 11 year old boy, who is on the journey of completing his dead best friend’s bucket list. Sounds a little familiar right? Released around 10 years ago,you can really understand how the theme & writing style of this book, has gone on to inspire many authors of this generation.

I don’t want to ruin anything in case you go on to read it but be prepared to cry. Not just a little sob here & there but a full on ugly Kim cry 😂


Day 16: list your highs & lows of this past year

Maybe I should leave this post until the end of year…

These last few months have been somewhat filled with an equally weighted amount of highs and lows.

However, in this post there will probably be more highs than lows as my lows are probably too personal to post.


– Started a new job (like a proper one)

– Saw Paramore in concert (in addition to Daniel Caesar, PND, H.E.R & Majid Jordan)

– Tried weetabix for the first time in over 10 years & actually liked it

– Started to post more consistently on my once forgotten about blog

– Got my IEC visa approved 🎉

– Started my 5th game of thrones book


– Didn’t do anything for my birthday

– Haven’t been to church as much as I probably should

– Had a really scary reaction to Diazepam (blog post for this is needed)

– Nearly watched Tony Stark die

– Had a few meltdowns lol

– Thanos


Day 15: Thoughts on mainstream music

The answer to this question is dependable on what we define mainstream music as.
To me, mainstream can be regarded as something that appeals to the masses and lacks substance. For example in terms of music, anything that is charting on the top 40 or billboard 200 can be considered as mainstream.

I fid that we are currently living in a society that promotes the replication of others, which evidently makes it increasingly difficult to find some form of individuality. This, I believe is also taking place in the world of music. So many artists have a similar sound and image. We have it ingrained in us that one size fits all, it’s easier to fit into the mould of someone else who has achieved success and try to emulate that, as opposed to creating our own moulds that have yet to be proven viable.

Bringing it back to music now, yes the standardised, generic, carbon copied beat is catchy, but do the words have any meaning? Do they resonate with the audience in any type of way? 9/10 the answer is no, yet they still get air time and break streaming records. I think the reason behind this is because it so easy to passively consume this type of generic music. Sometimes the silence is so uncomfortable that we need to to fill it with something no matter the content. It’s easier to have something playing in the background that we don’t need to pay attention to, rather than listening to something engaging and thought provoking whilst trying to get on with our daily tasks.

**My apologises if this doesn’t make any sense, I am literally falling asleep whilst writing this