Day 30: List your goals for the next 30 days

My Post (3)I can’t believe its been 30 days already, well more than 30 seeing as i’ve missed so many days (sorry haha). Honestly I’ve had such an amazing time doing this challenge, although I feel like my writing hasn’t improved i’m hopeful that it will come with time.

What I’ve learnt

Taking part in this challenge was definitely an eye opener for me, although i’ve always been interested in writing i’ve never really taken it seriously as such. Over the past 30 days i’ve learnt that if I want to see any progression or improvement I need to be consistent and open to anything. There’s a lot of topics I’ve shied away from in the past due to the fear of being judges and whatnot.

However most of these questions have really forced me to be to be honest with myself. How can anyone accept me if I can’t even accept me?

Going forward

My plan is to keep utilising this blog to the best of my ability.

Although I won’t be posting everyday, I’m hoping to keep on top of my new segment ‘Tunes on a Tuesday’, I love music so I think this would be a good starting point for me. In addition to this I will be posting on Fridays also. Not 100% sure what the postings on Friday’s will be about but i’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Happy endings

Ok, so I’ve completely ignored the requirements for today’s post but I just want to say thank you to the new followers I’ve gained over the last 30 days. Here’s to the next 30  *Raises glass*


Day 27: what’s a problem have or have had in the past?

I would say that a problem I have had & still have to a certain extent, is to do with self confidence (well the lack of).

I’ve aways been a reserved person but this was highlighted even more when I went to Uni. I found it quite hard to make friends & push myself out of my comfort zone, which in turn led to me being rather lonely.

This is probably when the self confidence issues started to creep in.

When you are alone 95% of the time, it becomes so easy to get trapped in your own head & be consumed by self destructive thoughts.

There would be times where I wouldn’t leave my room for days due to crippling social anxiety & the fear of being judged on my appearance.

I still find it quite hard to socialise with people, especially those I don’t know but I’m not as bad as I used to be.


Day 25: Discuss someone who fascinates you & why

For this, I would have to say my little brother.

We have a 12 year age gap but he is honestly my best friend. To watch him grow and mature over this somewhat of a short time span has been fascinating in itself.

He has this amazing ability to crack a joke at any given moment, just to cheer someone up. For a 9 year old he has emotional intelligence way beyond his years & is always seeking out ways to help others, even when he is unhappy himself.

He has so many qualities that I wish I possessed but that just makes me love him even more ❤️


Day 24: What is your favourite film and why?

This is a question I get asked a lot & love to ask also.

So naturally you’d think that I would instantly be able to give an answer right?


My answer changes everytime I get asked this and my favourite film is heavily reliant on my my mood in that current moment.

The answer I will give today is ‘The Perks of being a wallflower’.

This film is honestly amazing, it really captures the way suppressed memories and childhood trauma can affect us later on in life without our realisation. It is a beautiful poetic film that helps you to realise that you’re not alone regardless of how alone you may feel. It’s pretty much the first encounter I’ve had with mental health issues & I found myself being able to relate to the protagonist, which I guess was pretty scary.

Everyone should watch this film at least once,you won’t regret it.


Day 21: favourite TV show & why

Ok so for some reason I created 2 posts for day 14 & I’ve only just noticed, hence the jump from day 19 to day 21.

Just thought I’d clear this up for my own peace of mind…

(I’ll start the post now)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I watch far too many tv shows. I actually end up forgetting about them until 2 seasons later, when I stumble across a spoiler & vow to never watch the show again.

With that being said I would have to come clean and declare Agents of shield as my favourite tv show.

Yes it is the only show that I’m actually up to date with,

And yes, I didn’t give up halfway through season 1 like the majority did.

Agents of shield is literally out of this world (no pun intended for my season 5 watchers lol). The earlier seasons were purposely intertwined with the various marvel films that were released during that same two year period & has since found its own two feet.

There’s not much I can say without spoiling it. However I can say this: if you ever have the opportunity to watch it (from season one) then please do.

I promise you won’t regret it