Valentines day playlist

In the cheesy spirit of valentines day, I’ve put together a few of my favourite tracks that feature love (or the lack of) as the main theme

  1. Honesty x Pink Sweat$
  2. Lost in London x Asiahn
  3. More than words x Isabella
  4. Mile High x James Blake (Ft. Travis Scott)
  5. Riot x Summer Walker
  6. Won’t get lonely x Notifi
  7. Woman’s intuition x Hudson East
  8. Nights like this x Kehlani (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
  9. Could’ve been x H.E.R (Ft. Bryson Tiller)
  10. Pretty little fears x 6LACK (Ft. J. Cole)
  11. Ain’t love strange x Eli Sostre
  12. Small conversations at parties x Derek Pope
  13. Sweet ride x Rini (Ft. Nasty Mars)

Xavier Omar

A few weeks back I attended Xavier Omar’s concert in London.

I was familiar with his music, however,  I didnt at the time class myself a mega fan, who knew every song word for word. I kept having a reoccurring nightmare, where a microphone would be shoved in my face and I would just stand there speechless.

Luckily this didn’t happen (thank God) & I was able to enjoy his performance stress free.

The concert took place in the Islington academy, which is a very cosy/intimate venue. As Xavier isn’t that big in the UK as of yet, this was a perfect choice of venue, as it allowed us (the audience) to connect with both each other & Xavier, forming some what of a bond throughout the evening.

Usually, part of my pre-concert ritual includes watching live performances on YouTube and other social media platforms. However this time, that didn’t happen. I was so caught up with work & life that it completely slipped my mind. I felt as though I was walking into this concert blind, with no idea of what to expect.

On this occasion, my lack of preparation & expectations left me pleasantly surprised. I would have never of guessed that Xavier would be such is such an energetic, outstanding performer. His music is pretty chill & laid back which is completely a different vibe to what I witnessed on stage.

Hands down one of the best concerts I’ve been to this year & trust me, I’ve been to a lot.

If you want to check him out I’ve linked his soundcloud below ☺️

Tunes on a Tuesday 12: Let’s get away

Hey guys,

Apologies for not posting last week, If I’m being completely honest I lost track of the days… As ridiculous as it sounds, it is true. But I am back on Tuesday, with another tune. Coincidence? I think not.

This week’s Tune on a Tuesday goes to ‘Let’s Get Away’ by H.E.R.

Sampling ‘Day dreaming’ by the late Aretha Franklin (R.I.P Queen), this was H.E.R’s way of paying her respects, and I must say that it was beautifully done. To be honest, H.E.R kills every song she drops and this one is no different. Listen with your eyes closed and you can almost imagine yourself on a beach somewhere with the love of your life (almost).


Tunes on a Tuesday 11: Still II

This week’s ‘Tune on a Tuesday’ goes to Still II by independent artist, AYLØ.

Honestly the first time I heard this song I would not have guessed that AYLØ is actually based in the UK… Hertfordshire to be precise. His sound is quite refreshing, in a time where we have an abundance of carbon copies disguised as artists.

Produced by Le Mav,  Still II is a tad basic but it actually works really well in allowing us to focus on AYLØ’s captivating vocals and affectionate lyrics. I’m excited to hear more of AYLØ, as I believe he has so much more left to give

Check out Still II below:

Tunes on a Tuesday 10: Album of the year (freestyle)

Hello humans,

As you may or may not have noticed, there was no ‘Tunes on a Tuesday’ post last week. I was away on a training course for work, so when it came to the end of the day, I was absolutely drained & had no energy left to post (sorry).

This return has me feeling like J.Cole on his new track ‘Album of the year (freestyle). So is j.cole back?

By the looks of things yes, but it could just also be a one off for this freestyle.

The flow, the lyrics, the vibes…everything about this track reminds me of old Cole, Friday night lights Cole … the Cole that we all love and miss.

Don’t get me wrong, KOD was great but it was missing that hunger, that drive & determination that cemented Cole on the throne in the first place. I really hope ‘album of the year (freestyle)’ does as well as I think it can & hopefully signifies the return of J.Cole. Check the track out below.