Small Bedroom Transformation

Hey guys, how are we all keeping?

So this post is a little different, but I’m super happy with the results so I couldn’t help but share ☺️

Working from home during the pandemic with multiple of virtual calls a day, had me really wanting to change the space that I was suddenly spending so much time in. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do just that!

Being my first ever DIY project, I researched heavily into the process of transforming a room – making sure that my efforts (& money) wouldn’t go to waste.


Below are some images of what my room looked like prior to the transformation. As we can see, the walls are quite dark in colour, so I needed to go over the grey with a white basecoat, which is necessary for the new, lighter colour to show up.

I donated my wardrobe to a charity called the ‘British Heart Foundation’ – who then go on to sell donated furniture in their stores with the money from the sale going towards medical research. The TV stand was repurposed to a book shelf in another area of the house, and all remaining furniture…well did just that, remained.


£300 and a few days later

As you can see, it wasn’t much of a drastic change but a well needed one! The main thing aside from the colour and minor furniture change, is the absence of my TV 😢

This was a tough one to get rid of but I found it was no longer serving me. I wanted my room to be a space of relaxation (hence the sage green walls) with minimum clutter, so it had to go.

We also have the addition of some new storage, the Brimnes wardrobe & the Malm drawers, both from Ikea.

I have a more detailed product & cost breakdown in my Youtube video which I will link below 🙂 Please let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any questions ❤️


Back in February, I completely went off of meat, something I never thought would happen to me. Since then, I’ve been adjusting to a vegan diet. The first few months my diet was a mess, pretty much all I would eat is chips… yes chips, everytime I went out to eat my order consisted of …yes you guessed it, chips.

That was until I discovered vegan food festivals which pretty much changed my life. The first one I attended in London was called ‘Vegan nights’ which was completely mind blowing, I was introduced to so many different foods including deep fried cauliflower (don’t knock it until you try it)!

So, when I heard that Vegandale festival (a vegan north american annual food festival) was coming to Toronto, well you know that your girl had to cop a ticket and check it out.

Location, Location. Location

This years Vegandale festival took place in the grounds of fort york, leaving ample amount of space for a variety of food stands & a stage.

Whilst the food I tried was amazing, think; vegan spicy calabrese pizza, chocolate almond ice cream & mini pancakes, there wasn’t that much creativity in comparison to what I had seen at ‘Vegan nights’. However the atmosphere was one to be reckoned with, the weather (a comfortable 26 degrees) paired with the amazing DJ & entertainment (including a push-up competition) made Vegandale a festival to remember.

Veganism for the masses?

Vegandale is a food festival for everyone, ticket holders are allowed to bring their dogs (& pigs, yes someone actually brought a pig) Plus you don’t even have to be vegan to attend.

The price of food on-site was actually also quite reasonable, which in turn helps to bridge the gap between vegan food and affordability. A common myth I often hear is that it is way too expensive to be vegan; This I agree with to some extent but attending festivals such as vegandale have really turned this argument on it’s head.

Overall it was a fun event…different but interesting and insightful all the same.

To conclude, I’ll leave you with some of the pictures I took 🙂