I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for all the love and support on my last post: Letters from the heart! I was rather anxious about putting my feelings on the line, but I soon realised that a lot of people are also going through tough times. Sometimes you have to put aside your feelings of discomfort and start an open dialogue in the hopes that you might not just be helping yourself but also others in the process.

With that being said, let’s get into the main purpose of this post

Ok, so most of you may or may not know that me and drake go way back! I first ‘discovered’ him 10 years ago aged 12 and have been obsessed ever since.

So when I had an email come through via Ticketmaster that Drake would be touring the UK, I did what any other person would do and deleted the email from my inbox, as the poorly designed graphics (sorry) made me believe that it was spam.

Clearly, I was wrong, a quick scroll through social media confirmed that he was indeed coming to the UK. Of course I had to be there.

Yes I’ve seen Drake 3 times already but there was no way I was missing out on my fourth. 2017 was hands down THE BEST concert I’ve ever been to! We had around paid £100 for standing tickets and we were upgraded to golden circle for free upon entry. You could say that Drake had a lot to live up to, especially with the £135 price tag (I’ll link my paypal below if anyone wants to bless my account haha)

I can honestly say it was worth every single penny. The set design was mind blowing, however you would have needed seating tickets to appreciate the sheer beauty of it all. That was the one and only sacrifice we had to live with for the night.

This time round there were no upgrades available due to the layout of the stage, which was a little disappointing considering how much we paid. However we were soon quick to discover that no matter where you were standing, you were guaranteed a decent view of the man himself, with a couple opportunities for eye contact thrown in 😂

All in all, it was a great night. Even though my bank account is a little low, my heart is full.

I was so busy enjoying the moment that I didn’t even get any pictures of Drake, so here’s a couple of myself whilst I was awaiting his arrival 🙂

Xavier Omar

A few weeks back I attended Xavier Omar’s concert in London.

I was familiar with his music, however,  I didnt at the time class myself a mega fan, who knew every song word for word. I kept having a reoccurring nightmare, where a microphone would be shoved in my face and I would just stand there speechless.

Luckily this didn’t happen (thank God) & I was able to enjoy his performance stress free.

The concert took place in the Islington academy, which is a very cosy/intimate venue. As Xavier isn’t that big in the UK as of yet, this was a perfect choice of venue, as it allowed us (the audience) to connect with both each other & Xavier, forming some what of a bond throughout the evening.

Usually, part of my pre-concert ritual includes watching live performances on YouTube and other social media platforms. However this time, that didn’t happen. I was so caught up with work & life that it completely slipped my mind. I felt as though I was walking into this concert blind, with no idea of what to expect.

On this occasion, my lack of preparation & expectations left me pleasantly surprised. I would have never of guessed that Xavier would be such is such an energetic, outstanding performer. His music is pretty chill & laid back which is completely a different vibe to what I witnessed on stage.

Hands down one of the best concerts I’ve been to this year & trust me, I’ve been to a lot.

If you want to check him out I’ve linked his soundcloud below ☺️

Lovebox 2018

I’ve heard great things about Lovebox over the years, but up until now I never had the opportunity (or money) to go.

Honestly this year is all about living my best life with the best people, and over the last 2 weekends I have done just that.

Everyone always asks me why am I so eager to go to concerts and festivals, and the truth is that it serves to be some what of an escape route. I can listen to my favorite artists in an environment where the people around me share that same love and energy (to a certain extent). Music is a such a subjective thing so when you are in the same room or vicinity as people who also like what you like, it’s truly something special.

I have been to 7 concerts/festivals so far this year and although I don’t blog about them much on here, I always try to capture visual content to post on my YouTube channel. I’m currently trying to put something together for Wireless & Lovebox with the small amount of footage that I actually have.

*update* there’s no video

Clearly, I’ve gone off on a tangent so lets actually get down into my Lovebox experience…

Love box is by far the best festival I have ever been to!!

In my wireless blog post, I highlighted the fact that there were no fun things to do. However at Lovebox they had (fake) Wedding ceremonies, funfair rides and a Karaoke tent. I actually spent the majority of my time in these areas & ended up missing a whole bunch of acts inc SZA 😦

Gunnersbury Park is the perfect home for Lovebox, there is an ample amount of space, which I guess is how they managed to have so many stages and food trucks. Once again I had the Jerk chicken rice box which was even more tasty the second time round.

The overall atmosphere was just amazing, everyone was so friendly & didn’t feel any type of way to startup a conversation. I would 100% encourage any & everyone to try to attend in the near future.


Wireless 2018

The lowdown

IMG_4196Let me just start off by saying, I had no intention of attending Wireless festival this year. It was a really spontaneous, last minute thing; last minute as in we bought tickets online the day before from a third-party seller, and weren’t even sure whether they were real or not.

Luckily they were real and we made it in. I literally started hyperventilating when I could hear Majid Jordan’s set starting whilst we were still going through security.


It was my second time seeing them and they were just as great as the first, they were definitely the highlight of the day (I’m a tad bias), paired with Stormzy and Migos.

The energy was a little off, almost as though the crowd were scared to move. I mean I partially don’t blame them, someones wig actually went flying at one point.

Overall, Wireless was a fun day out. The food was just outstanding, we had a jerk chicken rice box from a Caribbean stand which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. However, It isn’t high on the top of my list to attend again. I feel like there are other festivals (WooHah & Parklife) that offer much more such as rides, karaoke and other fun activities to break up the day.

Outfit Details:



Cat eye sunglasses – H&M

Dress – H&M

Bum Bag – French Connection





Everyone has that one favourite band that they absolutely love & will continue to love for many, many years.

Now many people wouldn’t guess this but I absolutely love Paramore and have done for nearly a decade now. I was accidentally introduced to Paramore via the first twilight movie, as they were apart of the official sound track. With Haley’s powerful vocals reminding me of my childhood favourite; Avril Lavigne I fell in love. Skip forward 9 years to 2017 and I was in my room eating Ben & Jerry’s watching snapchat stories of my favourite band performing in London. I was devastated, after wallowing in self pity for the next few hours, I made a promise to myself that the next time they come to the UK, I will be watching from the stands as opposed to my phone screen.

To my surprise (and delight of course) Paramore announced tickets for TOUR 3. I was ready. Sadly my friends were not. By this time I had adopted a new attitude which included doing the things I wanted to irregardless of whether I had anyone to do them with. Sometimes we are so used to waiting for others that we do not realise the amount of time and opportunities that pass us by.

So the answer to your question is yes. Yes I went to a Paramore concert by myself & yes I enjoyed every moment of it. Hayley’s energy was infectious, bringing every single audience member young & old to their feet. How she manages to jump around whilst delivering every single note so beautifully, is a secret I’d love to learn. What I loved most (aside from Hayley’s dancing) was the set list. I felt as though I was taken on a journey through time overlooking Paramore’s change in emotions, attitude and maturity.
It was a beautiful journey & one I would love to experience again one day.

Adina x