About me

Who are you and why did you decide to create a blog?

My name is Adina, 22 and I am a blogger

I decided to create a blog mainly down to personal reasons. It started off as a portfolio for some graduate jobs I was applying to, but then quickly realised how much I love writing.

Why did you decide on the name ‘Adina’s Universe’?

I watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘Cosmos’. Since then I’ve been obsessed with astrophysics and learning more about our observable universe. The actual scale of the universe, often makes it seem like humans are of infinitesimal significance in relation, it’s a concept i’m struggling with. I guess I just wanted to flip that whole idea on it’s head and create my own sort of purpose/significance by assigning a universe to myself, Just to tell myself that I do matter.

What can we find on Adina’s Universe?

Pretty much everything haha,

I love taking pictures and traveling so you’ll definitely be able to find some of my photography work & travel stories on here. I also write about topics that I can relate to such as; Uni life, mental health etc… Everything I write has to have a personal connection to me. Whenever I  read a book you can find my thoughts about it on here, I like to structure it in a way so my readers can take some sort of lesson away from it.