Letters from the heart: Life

Life is difficult.

It doesn’t come with an instruction manual, I mean if it did then it would be a breeze right?

Instead, we are thrown into the deep end, expected to navigate through our trials and tribulations without the blink of an eye.

Someone once told me that living is as easy as breathing.

But sometimes I find it difficult to breathe.

To some, the deep end isn’t that deep. But i’m drowning and the only one who can save me is me.

Hi Guys, I know that this is very different to the stuff I usually post. I’ve been feeling really down & demotivated as of late so I decided to just sit here and write whatever comes to mind.

I hope everyone is doing well & enjoying the new month.

Adina x

8 thoughts on “Letters from the heart: Life

  1. “sometimes I find it difficult to breathe”. I feel you on this! Sometimes I’d be great if there were some instructions because feeling demotivated can make you want to throw in the towel. This resonates with me a lot. Your work is amazing and I like how authentic you are- so important that there’s space to express when we are feeling great and not so great. Hope you are feeling much better soon 🌷


    1. Thank you so much girl, this is such a beautiful comment, you’ve honestly made my week💕
      Exactly, demotivation is probably one of the worst feelings, sometimes it invalidates all the hard work we have done in the past. But as you said it’s great that we have an outlet to express our feelings whatever they may be! x

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