What I pack in my travel bag

Hi guys,

I’ve always struggled to pack, however, since I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently and hope to continue this well into 2019 and beyond; I’ve decided to give you an insight to what’s in my travel bag.

What’s in my Travel bag

  • Change of Clothes

A change of clothes is extremely key! There’s always these horror stories circulating about airlines losing baggage. Keeping a change of clothes with you in your hand luggage/ cabin bag doesn’t prevent this, but makes sure that even if you are caught out with this inconvenience, you can at least have somewhat of a back up in place.

  • An IPad/Tablet

Most long-haul flights have a good selection of in-flight entertainment, packed with the latest movies. However, with Netflix downloadables, it’s always a good idea to carry a tablet with you to catch up with any Netflix shows/movies. It kills time at the airport too!

  • A good book

I am obsessed with books, so of course, this would make the list. Some people prefer to read e-books., which you can still access on your IPad/tablet. The benefit with this is that you can download multiple e-books, which in turn saves a lot of space and weight. If like me you prefer tangible books, then you can always take 1 big one that will potentially last you for the duration of your trip. On my latest getaway, my choice of book was ‘IT’ by Stephen King, which I’m still trying to finish reading now.

  • Camera/s

I pretty much go overboard when it comes to cameras. There’s always trouble trying to stuff my vlogging camera, DSLR and polaroid into one bag (en route to perfecting this). I would suggest thinking beforehand about what type of pictures you want to take, then bringing a suitable camera that can capture those moments.

**Don’t forget to pack your chargers in your hand luggage. Most airlines have restrictions on the number of lithium batteries that can be kept in checked luggage.

  • A Journal/Notebook

Inspiration can hit you anywhere at any time, that’s why it’s a good idea to always have something with you that enables you to take notes, write about your day & even sketch. Try getting in the habit of keeping a journal too, it can be nice to look back and have a read through.

That’s pretty much everything, In reality, I pack a lot more than this but I don’t want to bore you guys with all the ins and outs.

For my visual people I’ve created a travel checklist (below) that may come in useful when it comes to packing your own travel bag 🙂

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