Xavier Omar

A few weeks back I attended Xavier Omar’s concert in London.

I was familiar with his music, however,  I didnt at the time class myself a mega fan, who knew every song word for word. I kept having a reoccurring nightmare, where a microphone would be shoved in my face and I would just stand there speechless.

Luckily this didn’t happen (thank God) & I was able to enjoy his performance stress free.

The concert took place in the Islington academy, which is a very cosy/intimate venue. As Xavier isn’t that big in the UK as of yet, this was a perfect choice of venue, as it allowed us (the audience) to connect with both each other & Xavier, forming some what of a bond throughout the evening.

Usually, part of my pre-concert ritual includes watching live performances on YouTube and other social media platforms. However this time, that didn’t happen. I was so caught up with work & life that it completely slipped my mind. I felt as though I was walking into this concert blind, with no idea of what to expect.

On this occasion, my lack of preparation & expectations left me pleasantly surprised. I would have never of guessed that Xavier would be such is such an energetic, outstanding performer. His music is pretty chill & laid back which is completely a different vibe to what I witnessed on stage.

Hands down one of the best concerts I’ve been to this year & trust me, I’ve been to a lot.

If you want to check him out I’ve linked his soundcloud below ☺️

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