What I wish I knew before University

Everyone usually claims that university guarantees us the best years of our lives, we’re always told to enjoy and make the most of our time there.

But what they fail to tell you is that you might not have the best time. You might even uncover all sorts of mental health issues you weren’t aware of. You might be crippled with social anxiety, even getting to the point where you end up locking yourself in your room for days upon end just to escape from the outside world & everyone in it.

University isn’t for everyone, but in some cases we are pressurised to see it as the only option. There are so many opportunities we haven’t even explored because we are told that if it’s not university then it’s not good enough.

There’s no end date to education, so if you want to explore other avenues or travel for a while then do so. We are so caught up in adhering to societies standards that we start to live in a way that will please others but not ourselves. We are forcing & contouring ourselves to fit into moulds that weren’t created for us. Even though it may seem otherwise, not everyone has their lives together in their early twenties, so why should you?

We have the freedom to be who we want to be & chase our dreams as seemingly unconventional as they might be.


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