Day 26: If you had £1M how would you spend it?

Digital Imaging SpecialistThe first thing I would do is buy 3 houses.

1 for my parents, 1 for myself and the last for a little project I’ve always wanted to work on.

For the longest time I have always had a desire to help the homeless. After watching a documentary (can’t remember what it’s called), I realised just how hard it is for the homeless to get back on their feet. Even a little thing like having an address would help out a lot.

So with the third house, the perfect scenario would be to have a place where the homeless  (4 at any one time during the year), would be able to have a place to call their own. This will in turn provide an actual address, enabling the residents to apply for jobs further gaining some independence.

I doubt I would have any money left after that!

If I do however, I would split the rest between investing into my own business and travelling to all the countries I have yet to discover.


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