Tunes on a Tuesday 05: Brooklyn Love

This weeks Tunes on a Tuesday post goes to Brooklyn Love by Lolo Zouaï.

The 22 year old French-American rose to popularity through soundcloud and has since then quit her waitressing job, to get to grips with her new found fame.

Lolo’s music is influenced by none other than the late Aaliyah Haughton. In her song ‘blue’ she even goes so far as to mention having the late singer’s poster on her wall.

I’m really fascinated with the light, airy, yet slightly electronic feel ‘Brooklyn Love’ gives off.

Lolo is yet to prove her longevity but I’m excited to see what’s yet to come


Life after graduation

Initially, life after uni is little awkward blip. You haven’t graduated yet so technically speaking you’re still a student.

However, once Graduation comes and goes (rather quickly), you’re left in a constant state of confusion and comparisons. As if the non stop questioning from family and friends regarding your next steps weren’t enough, your parents start to bang on about how your “age-mates” (who have also just graduated)  have managed to bag their “dream job”.

It seems like every other Facebook status is centred around new jobs and new milestones, all of which leaves you questioning when your time will come. If like me you have virtually no idea what career you’re looking for, this period of time seems to be the longest.

I remember getting rejection email after rejection email, some from Jobs I didn’t even recall applying to. It got to a point where I just gave up. I had a part time waitressing job on the side, so I picked up a few more hours there and just decided to live out the rest of my days amongst hot plates and coffee cups…This was short lived.

Customers started to ask what I was doing on the side, whether or not I was actively looking for Jobs, my future career plans. I could not escape the questions, which in some way forced me to be honest with myself and come up with a plan. (My plan included running away to a different country but we will come back to that another time haha).

I think what I wanted to say, is that just because you haven’t reached your goals or achieved certain milestones, it does not mean that some day you wont. Talking from experience it is extremely hard to overcome the comparisons but just try to remember that God’s timing is the best timing. It hasn’t happened yet because it’s not meant to. One day you’ll be able to look back and realise that the wait just made you that more appreciative of what’s to come 🙂

Tunes on a Tuesday 04: Heart


Hey Guys,

welcome back to Tunes on a Tuesday!
We are on the 4th week now and I’ve decided to continue with the chilled vibes theme that I’ve got going on.

Today’s pick is Heart by Omar Apollo.

He is a extraordinary self taught (via YouTube) talented guy, who regularly and might I say seamlessly, switches between english and Spanish.

Omar is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. Check him out below 🙂


What I wish I knew before University

Everyone usually claims that university guarantees us the best years of our lives, we’re always told to enjoy and make the most of our time there.

But what they fail to tell you is that you might not have the best time. You might even uncover all sorts of mental health issues you weren’t aware of. You might be crippled with social anxiety, even getting to the point where you end up locking yourself in your room for days upon end just to escape from the outside world & everyone in it.

University isn’t for everyone, but in some cases we are pressurised to see it as the only option. There are so many opportunities we haven’t even explored because we are told that if it’s not university then it’s not good enough.

There’s no end date to education, so if you want to explore other avenues or travel for a while then do so. We are so caught up in adhering to societies standards that we start to live in a way that will please others but not ourselves. We are forcing & contouring ourselves to fit into moulds that weren’t created for us. Even though it may seem otherwise, not everyone has their lives together in their early twenties, so why should you?

We have the freedom to be who we want to be & chase our dreams as seemingly unconventional as they might be.


Day 30: List your goals for the next 30 days

My Post (3)I can’t believe its been 30 days already, well more than 30 seeing as i’ve missed so many days (sorry haha). Honestly I’ve had such an amazing time doing this challenge, although I feel like my writing hasn’t improved i’m hopeful that it will come with time.

What I’ve learnt

Taking part in this challenge was definitely an eye opener for me, although i’ve always been interested in writing i’ve never really taken it seriously as such. Over the past 30 days i’ve learnt that if I want to see any progression or improvement I need to be consistent and open to anything. There’s a lot of topics I’ve shied away from in the past due to the fear of being judges and whatnot.

However most of these questions have really forced me to be to be honest with myself. How can anyone accept me if I can’t even accept me?

Going forward

My plan is to keep utilising this blog to the best of my ability.

Although I won’t be posting everyday, I’m hoping to keep on top of my new segment ‘Tunes on a Tuesday’, I love music so I think this would be a good starting point for me. In addition to this I will be posting on Fridays also. Not 100% sure what the postings on Friday’s will be about but i’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Happy endings

Ok, so I’ve completely ignored the requirements for today’s post but I just want to say thank you to the new followers I’ve gained over the last 30 days. Here’s to the next 30  *Raises glass*