Day 16: list your highs & lows of this past year

Maybe I should leave this post until the end of year…

These last few months have been somewhat filled with an equally weighted amount of highs and lows.

However, in this post there will probably be more highs than lows as my lows are probably too personal to post.


– Started a new job (like a proper one)

– Saw Paramore in concert (in addition to Daniel Caesar, PND, H.E.R & Majid Jordan)

– Tried weetabix for the first time in over 10 years & actually liked it

– Started to post more consistently on my once forgotten about blog

– Got my IEC visa approved 🎉

– Started my 5th game of thrones book


– Didn’t do anything for my birthday

– Haven’t been to church as much as I probably should

– Had a really scary reaction to Diazepam (blog post for this is needed)

– Nearly watched Tony Stark die

– Had a few meltdowns lol

– Thanos


Day 15: Thoughts on mainstream music

The answer to this question is dependable on what we define mainstream music as.
To me, mainstream can be regarded as something that appeals to the masses and lacks substance. For example in terms of music, anything that is charting on the top 40 or billboard 200 can be considered as mainstream.

I fid that we are currently living in a society that promotes the replication of others, which evidently makes it increasingly difficult to find some form of individuality. This, I believe is also taking place in the world of music. So many artists have a similar sound and image. We have it ingrained in us that one size fits all, it’s easier to fit into the mould of someone else who has achieved success and try to emulate that, as opposed to creating our own moulds that have yet to be proven viable.

Bringing it back to music now, yes the standardised, generic, carbon copied beat is catchy, but do the words have any meaning? Do they resonate with the audience in any type of way? 9/10 the answer is no, yet they still get air time and break streaming records. I think the reason behind this is because it so easy to passively consume this type of generic music. Sometimes the silence is so uncomfortable that we need to to fill it with something no matter the content. It’s easier to have something playing in the background that we don’t need to pay attention to, rather than listening to something engaging and thought provoking whilst trying to get on with our daily tasks.

**My apologises if this doesn’t make any sense, I am literally falling asleep whilst writing this


Day 14: write 15 interesting facts about yourself

Right so where to begin…

I’ve been rattling my brain for the last few hours trying to figure out what actually counts as an interesting fact. I have come to the conclusion that I have none. There for the following will just be general facts as opposed to interesting ones.

1. I’m allergic to grass

2. I loveeee reading

3. When I was 19 I punctured my achilles tendon with scissors & had chicken pox at the same time

4. Every single bone in my body clicks

5. I love all genres of music

6. My first concert was Avril Lavigne when I was 8 years old

7. “The perks of being a wallflower” is by far my favourite film

8. I’m teaching myself Italian (I’m actually pretty decent)

9. I passed my driving test with 2 minors

10. I participated in gymnastics for 6 years

11. I’m 5’9.5

12. I know the whole twilight film word for word (don’t judge me)

13. Marvel is life

14. Robert Downey jr is my favourite actor

15. Vegetarian sushi is my fav but I hate sushi with fish


Day 14: what’s your earliest memory?

I haven’t the greatest memory at all, the majority of my so-called “memories” are actually based around the photos I’ve seen.

However I would say that my earliest memory would be when I was aged around 4… My primary school closed down in middle of the school year & all the others weren’t taking any new students. So I was sent to Grenada to live with my Grandparents until I was able to get into a school in the UK.

I was only in Grenada for around 6ish months, I used to get dropped off in the morning by my Grandad & then get the bus back home by myself.

It was around this time that we got a dog called Topsy (RIP), he was literally the best dog in the world. Whenever I’d come home he’d be waiting eagerly for me by the gate, ready to jump into my arms ❤️

I vaguely remember making friends with a girl called Gemma but that’s about it really. When I came back to London I had a thick Grenadian accent which even my parents failed to understand.

So yeah I guess that’s that’s the earliest memory I have….


Day 13: where would you like to visit/live one day?

If you know me then you know I love to travel.

There’s just something so satisfying about exploring the different corners of the world & interacting with those belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. The only this is I don’t do enough of it…

If it was up to me (and my bank account of course) I’d be on a plane every 2 weeks, gong on new adventures & meeting new people. Unfortunately for me it doesn’t work like that but hopefully one day it will be my reality 🙏🏾

Where would you like to visit?

Honestly, Everywhere

But if I had to chose one place in this current moment it would be Bali! From what I’ve seen, Bali is my dream destination. It just looks like a place where you’d go to escape from the hardships of everyday life. So peaceful. So calm.

Where would you like to live?

For the longest time I’ve this obsession of living in Canada. I’ve never been but I would definitely move there in a heartbeat. My earliest memory of this obsession started back when the first Twilight movie came out. I remember swearing that one day I would go to Canada to go on a “twilight tour” (yes they actually exist) to pretend as though I was in the movie 😂.

I would also love to live in Italy on more of a short term basis, mainly to familiarise myself with the language.

Where would you like to visit or potentially live one day? Comment & let me know ☺️