Day 7: what were your favourite childhood toys?

Honestly I think I have a memory problem.

I can hardly remember any of my childhood, all of my memories stem from the pictures I’ve seen, which in hindsight is pretty sad.

I vaguely recall playing with bratz dolls until I chopped off their hair, broke their legs & then went on to throw them out the window (don’t ask).

One thing I used to love (which literally just came to me as I was writing this) were Polly Pockets!!! I WAS OBSESSED. They were these cute little tiny dolls, around the size of my little finger, with rubber clothes & a variation of scenes. I pretty much had every single set that was released in the UK. I would play with these for hours, setting up different scenarios & going for drives in their limousines.

It’s so crazy to think that one day I played with them for what would be the last time & I didn’t even realise it.

I feel like Andy in toy story 3… excuse me whilst I go & cry


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