Day 3: what are your top 5 pet peeves?

Top 5 *Drake voice*

1. Micromanaging- I feel like everyone will agree with me on this one. There is just something so frustrating about someone telling you what to do when it’s already on your to do list.

2. Cancelled plans – I really hate it when people cancel plans or let me down last minute, especially when I’ve been looking forward to it for the longest time.

3. Rudeness – maybe it’s because I’m a waitress but I can’t stand people that are rude to their waiters and those in other service occupations. We are humans just like you and a big part of our role is managing the behaviour and emotions of our customers in addition to our own.

4. I don’t really know how to put this into one word but I really dislike when people go out of their way to belittle others & to make them feel inferior. Regardless of what anyone says, words do hurt & more often than not, the way we are made to feel by other people has a huge influence on how we view ourselves.

5. Ignorance – Need I say more.

Well that was harder than I thought…


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