Everyone has that one favourite band that they absolutely love & will continue to love for many, many years.

Now many people wouldn’t guess this but I absolutely love Paramore and have done for nearly a decade now. I was accidentally introduced to Paramore via the first twilight movie, as they were apart of the official sound track. With Haley’s powerful vocals reminding me of my childhood favourite; Avril Lavigne I fell in love. Skip forward 9 years to 2017 and I was in my room eating Ben & Jerry’s watching snapchat stories of my favourite band performing in London. I was devastated, after wallowing in self pity for the next few hours, I made a promise to myself that the next time they come to the UK, I will be watching from the stands as opposed to my phone screen.

To my surprise (and delight of course) Paramore announced tickets for TOUR 3. I was ready. Sadly my friends were not. By this time I had adopted a new attitude which included doing the things I wanted to irregardless of whether I had anyone to do them with. Sometimes we are so used to waiting for others that we do not realise the amount of time and opportunities that pass us by.

So the answer to your question is yes. Yes I went to a Paramore concert by myself & yes I enjoyed every moment of it. Hayley’s energy was infectious, bringing every single audience member young & old to their feet. How she manages to jump around whilst delivering every single note so beautifully, is a secret I’d love to learn. What I loved most (aside from Hayley’s dancing) was the set list. I felt as though I was taken on a journey through time overlooking Paramore’s change in emotions, attitude and maturity.
It was a beautiful journey & one I would love to experience again one day.

Adina x

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