Happy New Year

Wow, where has the time gone?

I can’t believe we are in 2018 already, it feels like just yesterday that I was editing my post on my goals for 2017. 
So many amazing things have occurred this year, from being thrown a surprise 21st birthday to graduating with a 2:1. Its safe to say that the majority of goals I had set for myself over the past year have been achieved.

Goals for 2018:

Aside from being more organised, one of my main goals is to create & post more content on both here & my youtube channel. I have previously put off posting with the excuse of not having enough time, which is where the whole organisation thing comes into play.

Year on year, I never fail to include travelling as part of my new years resolution, this year is no different. 2017 took me to Milan and Amsterdam (for the 2nd time) a written account of these can be found on this site.Hopefully a lot of travelling and adventures are on the cards for this year.

Another one of my goals is to grow in my relationship with God. My faith means a lot to me and I feel like I have been slacking as of late; again organisation has a part to play in this!! I have recently bought myself a journal to keep track of my prayers and thoughts, so i’m hoping this will aid me in my journey to finding and growing in christ.

I pray that 2018 brings an abundance of blessings to each and every soul in this universe

Thank you for reading & that is all for now,

Adina x

I left my heart in Milan 

Since taking a year long Italian class whilst studying for my degree; It has been a dream of mine to travel to Italy & put my language skills into practice. That dream finally came true towards the end of summer 2017. Milan was everything I expected it to be and more, from the amazing pasta to the beautiful architecture, it was almost surreal.

The Milan Cathedral known locally as “Duomo Cathedral” is absolutely breathtaking, it took an astonishing 6 centuries to build. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the inside of the cathedral but it is definitely on the cards for next time. Unbelievably,  Duomo is even more beautiful at night than it is in the day,  the floor spotlights paired with the live music help to create somewhat of an atmospheric vibe, which instantly puts you into a better mood.

Duomo Cathedral

Whilst on our travels, we had the opportunity to visit Lake Como which took about two hours by train. Many of the buildings remained unscathed by tourism, with an abundance of small family businesses and great views, I felt as through I had travelled back in time. This is where I began to fall in love with Italy, I started to plan and restructure my life around the possibility of returning and starting a new life in this beautiful country.

Skip forward 3 months later, I’m typing this from my living room in the UK, I haven’t made the move or even been back to Italy, however I hope this will be a possibility one day in the future.

Adina xo