Recap of our time in Amsterdam for WooHah 2017

After months of looking forward to our girls trip to Amsterdam, nothing could foil our plans, not even a cancelled flight with no other alternatives scheduled until days later (easy jet sucks). Luckily my Best Friend’s Uncle happened to be driving down that same day, so we managed to catch a ride with him.

The journey itself lasted a total of 8 hours, driving through France, Belgium and finally Amsterdam, after a brief Police stop which had me fearing for my life. The feeling I had upon reaching the hotel was undoubtably the best thing I have felt in months, seeing the deep blue lights was honestly a like dream come true.IMG_0729

As soon as we sorted out the sleeping arrangements (2 rooms, 5 girls),we all went straight to bed, as we would have a long day ahead of us, having to travel from Amsterdam to Tilburg for the WooHah festival.

I have uploaded a vlog on Youtube based on this entry, which I will link below.

VLOG: Journey to Amsterdam

I really don’t want this to be a lengthy entry, so I will post our WooHah experience separately to this one.


Adina Ribena 

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