Lisbon Diaries

It is actually a miracle when my friends and I plan something and actually see it through, So naturally, when we decided on a spontaneous trip to Lisbon, I convinced myself not to get excited until the plane actually lands and we arrive safely.

The actual journey to Portugal was a breeze (Minus being held up in security, having to throw my deodorant away & nearly missing our flight). The flight was approximately 2hours and 15 mins, we landed ahead of schedule which gave us extra time to locate our hotel before venturing out to find somewhere to eat.

After what seemed like years of walking in the sweltering heat, trying to find our hotel in my FBG hoodie (word to future), we finally reached the “CAZAR Hotel”. Although we were initially disheartened due to the undesirable location, once we reached inside and were shown to our room our moods instantly changed.


After a late start due to spending hours in bed, catching up on the sleep we had missed from waking up so early to catch our flight the day before, we decided that today (due to the beautiful weather) would be our beach day!

We finally headed out around midday


Disgustingly hot weather paired with a 45min train journey is literally just ugh.

Anyway, once we finally reached Cascais – I was blown away by the beauty of my surroundings, and vowed that I would take another sweaty 45 min train journey in a heartbeat.
When I mean this trip seriously revolved around food, I mean it! After around 20 mins of walking around trying to find the least crowded beach in the vicinity, we gave up and decided to go on a hunt for food; which is when we stumbled across Crepes da vila

Weirdly enough, I had never had never before in my life had a crepe up until this point and it literally changed my life!!


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